YCV-S series Hyper Pressure V Type Grinder Will Become the Competitive Shanpveapon

Hyper Pressure V Type Grinder is new type high efficiency grinding mill designed by EMCC engineer combining clients’ requirement and practical situation. Compared with traditional suspension pendulum grinder like Raymond mill, high pressure overhang roll mill and high pressure trapezium mill, it covers many patents and has many advantages. Hyper Pressure V Type Grinder is widely applied in power plant desulfurization and denitration, building material, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. It could process non-flammable and non-explosive material whose Moh’s hardness is less than 9.3, moisture is less than 6%. The development of YCV-S series Hyper Pressure V Type Grinder realizes the qualitative leap of grinding technology.
Working principle:
After reducing driving force of the main motor by the gear reducer, when the drive center axis revolves around the center axis and the quincunx rack fixed on the center axis revolve, under the centrifugal force the roller revolves around the center axis, at the same time parallel swing around the shaft, making the roller compress outside to the ring, thus ensure that the roller and ring has maximum surface contact. At the same time the roller self revolves around the roller shaft, making the material scooped up by the shovel blade to grind, after grinding the powder blew to upper part of the mainframe, then separating by the separator, over coarse powder drops to the grinding room to be regrind, the qualified powder airflows into the cyclone powder collector, through the discharging pipe is qualified product.
The grinder roller assembly of traditional pendulum Raymond mill is linked on the hanging bracket by cross arm axis A. The grinder roller assembly rotates with hanging bracket through cross arm axis A.  Cross arm axis A lies on the joint point between grinder roller assembly and hanging bracket which drives the former. And the grinding surface lies on B, thus driving force is reduced greatly by the lever effect caused by coupling shaft H between A and B. Controlled by cross arm axis A, the upper part of grinder roller assembly can not release centrifugal force outside and thus offset part centrifugal force from the under part. Under this situation, grinding force reduced bring down the capacity. After long term operation, abrasion angle will be formed between roller and ring, which will cause further reducing on capacity and final size fineness.
The three point– support structure an on grinder sphere, gland B on vertical shaft and gland C under vertical shaft, connect grinder roller assembly and hanging bracket together. Point A bears gravity from grinder roller assembly.  Point B,C bear torque caused by the eccentricity of grinder roller assembly gravity on H axis of vertical shaft. When the equipment is operating, point A, B, C draw grinder roller assembly moving forward. The rotating grinder roller assembly releases centrifugal force that swings parallel to ring to grinding material. Torque that born by B,C offset by impact force from material to roller, and the torque will further increase grinding force to material from grinder roller assembly.
The structure achieves these operating requirements. Taking A,B,C as fulcrum,  grinder roller assembly acts “V” natural oscillation according to different material thickness  with H axis as center and different radius, thus release the grinding force that hanging bracket  transmits to grinder roller assembly to maximum. With constant grinding working surface and translating torque to grinding force, under the condition of same power, this patent structure achieves to the best energy consumption rate, owns over 30% higher capacity than Raymond mill, high pressure overhang roll mill, high pressure trapezium mill and other traditional suspension pendulum grinder.
Shanghai Exceed Industry patent product Hyper Pressure V Type Grinder adopts the unique invitation of suspension yawing combination structure of  “sphere support” and ” maintenance-free vertical slide bearing “, creatively solve the technical problem that vertical bearing leak proof structure of single horizontally oscillating roller assembly can not bear roller assembly high-frequency oscillating within 0-10 degree angle between vertical shaft. The new design change the cross arm shaft pendulum structure into vertical shaft yawing structure, which can ensure roller assembly operate safely long term, and achieve the structural advantage of roller assembly horizontal hunting. This is a major breakthrough and milestone event on grinding technique, which open a new era of energy conservation and environmental protection grinder history, make the roller assembly “V” type  horizontal hunting grinder embark on the large scale development new age.

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