Mining machinery industry innovation is still the backbone


Mining machinery is directly used for mineral deposits and rich choose work machinery. Including mining machinery and processing machinery, processing machinery, according to the ore dressing process is divided into the crushing, grinding, screening, sorting (sorting) and dewatering machine. The crushing machinery processing equipment is very important, there is a common jaw crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher and impact crusher etc..

Mining machinery industry is a technology intensive industry, therefore grasps the advanced manufacturing technology has become the starting point of the original innovation of mining machinery industry. Technological innovation is the source of the leading and independent innovation of China machinery industry, on one level, the innovation itself is a kind of culture, especially when the independent innovation has become the main thrust of an industry, the development of this industry will have the force constant. The development of China’s mining machinery enterprises so far, the industry as a whole has been infiltrated with strong innovation culture, innovation as a force has cut a figure in the enterprise culture and enterprise development.

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