Integrating energy, improving efficiency, transforming and upgrading are the new ways of mill’s development


Mill is the preferred equipment for ore milling and the production process should be efficiently energy and cleanly environment. Under the new trend, mill has to have some changes to meet the market demand. Only the superior mill manufacturer could take up a position in the market in 2014. Integrating energy, improving efficiency, upgrading and transforming are the main developing road. We Shanghai Exceed Industry Co., Ltd hold the market’s developing trend and will create great success in 2014.

Integrating energy
Today the mill industry has gone through extensive development stage relying on cheap labor and damage environment. With the rapid development of industrial milling industry and require of saving energy, protecting environment and reducing consumption, high-tech industrial milling equipment will meet a developing chance. The growth speed of infrastructure and energy’s investment is faster than the growth speed of economy. Facing the opportunities provided by the economy, we Shanghai Exceed Industry Co., Ltd has always put the R & D of new mill in the first place. In order to promote the new energy, we will devote enough time and energy.

Improving efficiency
Traditional mill has many shortages such as inefficiency, high energy consumption and dust and become the great resistance of industry development. In this case, high-performance and high-efficiency products have become the industry’s trend. Mill is important equipment. Its efficiency determines the step of saving resource and energy. Based on this, Shanghai Exceed Industry Co., Ltd constantly overcome technical difficulties and produced the largest YGM190 type milling machines and become a leader with its high-power and high output.

Upgrading and transforming
With the development of society and economy, the mining machinery industry is a strong forward, but mill industry is never loose. The speed of scientific research and development is very fast in powder production, application and device manufacture. New equipment and products on the market is showing strongly vitality and vigor. In the next 10-20 years, Chinese mill products will also play an active role in the international market with its own technology and brand. Chinese mill products need to continuously improve additional value in order to change the image of Chinese products from cheap and simple to high quality and durable, showing ethnic glamour at the international market stage.

As the earliest developer and manufacturer of mill equipment, we Shanghai Exceed Industry Co., Ltd produced high-tech products from generation to generation during years of development and evolution. Q5 series of Enhanced European Grinder is the international advanced equipment combining technology, innovation, quality and green. Which has waved the flag of Made In China.

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